Area A: Wetting of complex surfaces by liquids

Determine the effect of the deformation, swelling and dissolution of polystyrene substrates in a wetting solvent (toluene) on the wetting dynamics

Develop a completely new physical theory of behaviour of liquid droplets on soft solids taking into account the surface forces action and contact angle hysteresis.

Investigate the electrokinetic properties and wettability of mixed lipid layers in the presence of enzymes and antioxidants and to study the effect of lipids as bio-surfactants on stability of dispersions.

Employ a centrifugal technique capable of imparting well-controlled simultaneous tangential and normal body forces to study the dynamics of liquids spreading onto complex solid substrates. Hereby a combination of tangential and normal forces will be employed

Model for spreading of rheologically complex fluids on a morphologically structured, rough or porous substrate. The aim of the study is the predictions of the kinematics liquid spreading and receding (in particular caused by drop impact or dip coating), description of the mass transport inside the drop. This WP serves as a theoretical support of the experimental work packages from the Areas A and B