Area B: Spreading of complex liquids on surfaces


Study the dynamics of liquid interfaces, including the adsorption properties of surfactants, polymers, particles and their mixtures under the action of external perturbations, including expansion/compression and shear. Investigations of interfacial dynamics cover liquid/gas and liquid/liquid systems in contact with solid surfaces. Highly dynamic processes, such as fast growing drops and bubbles as well as their behaviour at high frequency oscillations will be studied.

Understand and control the change of the advancing and receding contact angle of surfactant and protein solutions depending on the wetting speed.

Develop a new theory of interaction of foams with porous substrates. Determine the conditions providing the absorption of desired amounts of solute from foam in a contact with a porous substrate to the pores. The results of this WP are directly applicable to industrial process. This WP will be performed in collaboration with Procter & Gamble

Characterize the spreading and evaporation processes of complex fluids on solid substrates; study the morphology of the nanoparticle layer after complete evaporation; formulate a theory describing spreading and evaporation process on hard, deformable and porous substrates