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[BOOK] Solid-liquid filtration and separation technology

A Rushton, AS Ward, RG Holdich - 2008 -
A valuable presentation of theoretical and practical information in the area of liquid-solid 
filtration. The development of theoretical models is highlighted with practical design data 
and problem-related examples. Modern trends, eg, membrane systems, are reported ...

[CITATION] Fundamentals of particle technology

RG Holdich - 2002 - Midland Information Technology and …

Liquid-liquid membrane dispersion in a stirred cell with and without controlled shear

SR Kosvintsev, G Gasparini, RG Holdich… - Industrial & …, 2005 - ACS Publications
Oil was passed through membranes into a continuous water phase containing a surfactant 
(Tween 20) to form oil dispersions with drop diameters between 40 and 400 μm. Two types 
of stirred equipment were used: a Weissenberg rheometer (cone and plate geometry) ...

Membrane emulsification using membranes of regular pore spacing: Droplet size and uniformity in the presence of surface shear

E Egidi, G Gasparini, RG Holdich… - Journal of Membrane …, 2008 - Elsevier
During membrane emulsification it is shown that the size of the drops formed at the 
membrane surface may increase with increasing dispersed phase injection rate through the 
membrane, or it may decrease, depending on the prevailing conditions. This is illustrated ...

Controlled production of oil-in-water emulsions containing unrefined pumpkin seed oil using stirred cell membrane emulsification

…, MN Sovilj, SR Kosvintsev, RG Holdich… - Journal of Membrane …, 2008 - Elsevier
Membrane emulsification of unrefined pumpkin seed oil was performed using 
microengineered flat disc membranes on top of which a paddle blade stirrer was operated to 
induce surface shear. The membranes used were fabricated by galvanic deposition of ...

Stirred cell membrane emulsification and factors influencing dispersion drop size and uniformity

MT Stillwell, RG Holdich, SR Kosvintsev… - Industrial & …, 2007 - ACS Publications
Water-in-oil (w/o) and oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions were generated using 30-μm pore 
diameter surface membranes to investigate the factors influencing drop size, and the degree 
of uniformity of drop size distribution, using a stirred cell employing a simple paddle ...

Membrane emulsification: droplet size and uniformity in the absence of surface shear

SR Kosvintsev, G Gasparini, RG Holdich - Journal of Membrane Science, 2008 - Elsevier
A series of tests with membrane pore sizes between 7 and 60μm and uniform spacing 
between the pores of 80 and 200μm, conducted under conditions of zero surface shear at 
the membrane, show that an additional force to the buoyancy and capillary forces exists in ...

Membrane emulsification with oscillating and stationary membranes

RG HoldichMM Dragosavac… - Industrial & …, 2010 - ACS Publications
Membrane emulsification of sunflower oil in aqueous solutions of 2%(v/v) Tween 20 was 
performed using a stationary disk membrane with a rotating paddle stirrer and, for 
comparison, a tubular membrane oscillating normal to the direction of oil flow in an ...

Improving children's written grammar and style: revising and editing with HARRY

CE HoldichPWH ChungRG Holdich - Computers & education, 2004 - Elsevier
Children usually improve their writing in response to teacher comments. HARRY is a 
computer tutor, designed to assist children improve their narrative writing, focusing 
particularly upon grammar and style. Providing assistance involved identifying aspects of ...

Pore design and engineering for filters and membranes

Holdich, S Kosvintsev… - … of the Royal …, 2006 -
Abstract In filtration, the concept of pore size is not easy to define. In microfiltration, there are 
numerous advantages in employing a surface filtering membrane, rather than one relying on 
depth filtration mechanisms from a tortuous pore flow channel. Modern manufacturing ...
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