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Data base for GC/MS identification of traces of organic impurities in atmospheric air

BV Ioffe, IG Zenkevich, AS Bureiko - Collection of Czechoslovak …, 1991 -
Abstract A new approach to the GC/MS identification of organic components of the 
atmosphere is proposed. It is characterized by the use of averaged values of retention 
indices of different types at different temperatures in combination with several main peaks ...

Colloidal Structure and Physical Properties of Gel Networks Containing Anionic Surfactant and Fatty Alcohol Mixture

TS Awad, ES Johnson, A Bureiko… - Journal of Dispersion …, 2011 - Taylor & Francis
We investigated the mechanical properties, thermal behavior, physical state, and colloidal 
structure of a model gel network formulated with various ratios of sodium dodecyl sulfate 
polyacrylamide (SDS) and cetyl/stearyl fatty alcohol (FA) mixture in constant amounts of ...

[PDF] Investigation of condition formation nonmagnetic conglomerate in sol of paramagnetic nanoparticles by NMR method

AI Zhernovoy, YR Rudakov - Book of Abstracts, 2011 -
... ac. ru Bureiko Serguei Fiodorovich Faculty of Physics, St. Petersburg State University
Ulyanovskaya, 3 Petrodvorets, 198504, St. ... msu. ru Komolkin Andrei V. Saint Petersburg State
University Saint Petersbrug, Russia komolkin@ nmr. ... com Kuklin Andrey Russia andrey4u@ mail. ...
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