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Boundary slip in Newtonian liquids: a review of experimental studies

C Neto, DR EvansE Bonaccurso… - Reports on Progress …, 2005 - iopscience.iop.org
Abstract For several centuries fluid dynamics studies have relied upon the assumption that 
when a liquid flows over a solid surface, the liquid molecules adjacent to the solid are 
stationary relative to the solid. This no-slip boundary condition (BC) has been applied ...

[PDF] Surface roughness and hydrodynamic boundary slip of a Newtonian fluid in a completely wetting system

E Bonaccurso, HJ Butt, VSJ Craig - Physical review letters, 2003 - researchgate.net
The influence of surface roughness on the boundary condition for the flow of a Newtonian 
fluid near a hard wall has been investigated by measurement of the hydrodynamic drainage 
force. The degree of slip is found to increase with surface roughness. This leads to the ...

Hydrodynamic force measurements: boundary slip of water on hydrophilic surfaces and electrokinetic effects

E Bonaccurso, M Kappl, HJ Butt - Physical review letters, 2002 - APS
The hydrodynamic drainage force of aqueous medium between smooth hydrophilic surfaces 
was measured with the colloidal probe technique up to shear rates of typically 104 s21. 
Measured force curves were compared to simulations. To reach agreement between ...

Confined liquid: Simultaneous observation of a molecularly layered structure and hydrodynamic slip

G Sun, E Bonaccurso, V Franz, HJ Butt - The Journal of chemical physics, 2002 - link.aip.org
The force profile between a glass microsphere and mica in 1-propanol has been measured 
with the colloidal probe technique. Oscillatory solvation forces indicate a layered structure of 
the confined propanol for at least three layers. In the same experiment, hydrodynamic ...

Measuring normal and friction forces acting on individual fine particles

S Ecke, R RaiteriE Bonaccurso… - Review of Scientific …, 2001 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Abstract Interparticle and surface forces are of great importance in many fields of pure and 
applied science. We present an apparatus to measure the normal and friction forces acting 
between a particle (radius of 0.5–20 μm) and another solid surface. The apparatus is ...

Microdrops on atomic force microscope cantilevers: evaporation of water and spring constant calibration

E Bonaccurso, HJ Butt - The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2005 - ACS Publications
The evaporation of water drops with radii~ 20 μm was investigated experimentally by 
depositing them onto atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers and measuring the 
deflection versus time. Because of the surface tension of the liquid, the Laplace pressure ...

Fabrication of microvessels and microlenses from polymers by solvent droplets

E Bonaccurso, HJ Butt, B Hankeln… - Applied Physics …, 2005 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Abstract A process for the fabrication of microvessels and microlenses in polymers is 
presented. A drop of solvent (diameter between 15 and 150 μm) is deposited by an ink-jet 
method onto a flat polymer substrate. After evaporation of the solvent a lenticular cavity of ...

Effect of capillary pressure and surface tension on the deformation of elastic surfaces by sessile liquid microdrops: An experimental investigation

R Pericet-Cámara, A Best, HJ Butt, E Bonaccurso - Langmuir, 2008 - ACS Publications
Sessile liquid drops are predicted to deform an elastic surface onto which they are placed 
because of the combined action of the liquid surface tension at the periphery of the drop and 
the capillary pressure inside the drop. Here, we show for the first time the in situ ...

Solid-supported thin elastomer films deformed by microdrops

R Pericet-Camara, GK Auernhammer, K Koynov… - Soft Matter, 2009 - pubs.rsc.org
A sessile droplet can deform the surface of a soft solid not only with its weight. The surface 
tension pulls up a ridge at the perimeter of the drop, and the capillary pressure embosses a 
quasi-spherical dimple underneath the drop. This holds for the case of a bulk solid. ...

Construction of redispersible polypyrrole core–shell nanoparticles for application in polymer electronics

J Wang, L Sun, K Mpoukouvalas… - Advanced …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Materials scientists refer to the bottom-up approach when they construct functional materials 
via the following five steps:(i) planning and design of individual objects with desired 
functionalities;(ii) preparation of these objects in the laboratory;(iii) assembly of the ...
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