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Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics


Selected Publications


Normal impact of a liquid drop on a dry surface: model for spreading and receding

IV Roisman, R Rioboo… - … of the Royal …, 2002 -
Abstract The normal impact of a liquid drop on a dry solid surface is studied experimentally 
and theoretically. In this paper a strictly theoretical model is introduced, which predicts the 
evolution of the drop diameter. The spreading and receding phases of the impact are ...

Dynamic contact angle of spreading droplets: experiments and simulations

Š Šikalo, HD Wilhelm, IV Roisman, S Jakirlić… - Physics of …, 2005 -
This paper presents results of an experimental investigation of a single drop impact onto a 
dry, partially wettable substrate and its numerical simulation. Particularly, the drop spreading 
diameter and the dynamic contact angle are measured at different time instants after ...

Impact of a drop onto a wetted wall: description of crown formation and propagation

IV RoismanC Tropea - Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2002 - Cambridge Univ Press
The impact of a drop onto a liquid film with a relatively high impact velocity, leading to the 
formation of a crown-like ejection, is studied theoretically. The motion of a kinematic 
discontinuity in the liquid film on the wall due to the drop impact, the formation of the ...

Spray impact: rim transverse instability initiating fingering and splash, and description of a secondary spray

IV Roisman, K Horvat, C Tropea - Physics of Fluids, 2006 -
In this paper, normal spray impact onto a rigid wall, leading to the formation of secondary 
spray, is considered. The mechanism of splash is explained by the bending instability of a 
rim bounding a free liquid sheet. The linear stability analysis of the rim is performed in the ...

Modeling of spray impact on solid surfaces

C TropeaIV Roisman - Atomization and sprays, 2000 -
ABSTRACT This work presented in this article differs from conventional approaches in 
modeling spray impact on walls and films by departing from the idea that results obtained 
from single drop impacts can be simply extrapolated to the case of sprays. An empirical ...

Inertia dominated drop collisions. II. An analytical solution of the Navier–Stokes equations for a spreading viscous film

IV Roisman - Physics of fluids, 2009 -
This study is devoted to a theoretical description of an unsteady laminar viscous flow in a 
spreading film of a Newtonian fluid. Such flow is generated by normal drop impact onto a dry 
substrate with high Weber and Reynolds numbers. An analytical self-similar solution for ...

Flux measurements in sprays using phase Doppler techniques

IV RoismanC Tropea - Atomization and Sprays, 2001 -
ABSTRACT Estimators for size distributions and flux measurements using the phase 
Doppler technique are examined. One important issue identified is the difference between 
detection and illuminated volumes, the detection volume being a function of both particle ...

Multiple drop impact onto a dry solid substrate

IV Roisman, B Prunet-Foch, C Tropea… - Journal of colloid and …, 2002 - Elsevier
The impact of multiple drops on a dry substrate is studied experimentally and theoretically, 
as a preliminary model for relatively dense sprays. In the experiments the drop diameter, the 
impact velocity, the time interval between the impact of two drops, and the distance ...

Effect of ambient pressure on penetration of a diesel spray

IV Roisman, L Araneo, C Tropea - International journal of multiphase flow, 2007 - Elsevier
In the present experimental and theoretical work the propagation of a high-speed fuel spray 
at distances much longer than the breakup length is studied. The motion of the spray is 
modeled in two regions: the main region of the steady flow and the front region of the ...

Drop impact onto a liquid layer of finite thickness: Dynamics of the cavity evolution

E Berberović, NP van Hinsberg, S Jakirlić, IV Roisman… - Physical Review E, 2009 - APS
Splashing of drops on liquid layers is encountered frequently in nature and leads to various 
phenomena such as air bubble formation during heavy rain, formation of a crownlike liquid 
sheet with detaching secondary droplets, and ejection of a liquid jet from the region of ...


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