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Frozen In Magnetic Order in Uniaxial Magnetic Gels: Preparation and Physical Properties

D Collin, GK Auernhammer, O Gavat… - Macromolecular …, 2003 - Wiley Online Library
The study of intelligent gels and elastomers is a rapidly growing field of soft condensed 
matter physics. Examples include polyelectrolyte gels with interesting mechanochemical 
properties [1] and liquid crystalline elastomers,[2, 3] which are discussed for applications ...

Hollow silica spheres: synthesis and mechanical properties

L Zhang, M D'Acunzi, M Kappl, GK Auernhammer… - Langmuir, 2009 - ACS Publications
... mixture of isomers ≈ 80%), ammonium persulfate (Acros Organics, 98%), acrylic acid (Acros
Organics, 99.5%, stabilized), absolute ethanol (Sigma Aldrich), poly(allylamine hydrochloride)
(PAH, Aldrich, average M w ≈ 15 000 g/mol), polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP, Fluka, K 90, M w ...

Solid-supported thin elastomer films deformed by microdrops

R Pericet-Camara, GK AuernhammerKoynov… - Soft Matter, 2009 - pubs.rsc.org
A sessile droplet can deform the surface of a soft solid not only with its weight. The surface 
tension pulls up a ridge at the perimeter of the drop, and the capillary pressure embosses a 
quasi-spherical dimple underneath the drop. This holds for the case of a bulk solid. ...

Shear-induced instabilities in layered liquids

GK Auernhammer, HR Brand, H Pleiner - Physical Review E, 2002 - APS
Submitted to an applied shear flow, many complex liquids show an interesting coupling 
between their internal structure and the flow field. For smectic-A-like systems including block 
copolymers, lyotropic systems, and side-chain liquid crystalline polymers this coupling ...

The undulation instability in layered systems under shear flow–a simple model

GK Auernhammer, HR Brand, H Pleiner - Rheologica acta, 2000 - Springer
Over the last decade a large number of experiments have been performed on the reorientation 
behaviour of layered systems under shear flow. The systems under investigation include low 
molecular weight liquid crys- tals exhibiting a smectic A phase (Panizza et al. 1995; ...

The softer the better: fast condensation on soft surfaces

M Sokuler, GK Auernhammer, M Roth, C Liu… - Langmuir, 2009 - ACS Publications

Superhydrophobic surfaces by hybrid raspberry-like particles

…, M Singh, X Deng, M Roth, GK Auernhammer… - Faraday …, 2010 - pubs.rsc.org
Surface roughness on different length scales is favourable for superhydrophobic behaviour 
of surfaces. Here we report (i) an improved synthesis for hybrid raspberry-like particles and 
(ii) a novel method to obtain superhydrophobic films of good mechanical stability. ...

Viscoelasticity of suspensions of magnetic particles in a polymer: Effect of confinement and external field

GK Auernhammer, D Collin, P Martinoty - The Journal of chemical …, 2006 - link.aip.org
We study the suspensions of magnetic particles, the precursor state of magnetic gels and 
elastomers. We use magnetic particles with a permanent magnetization which is high 
enough to overcome thermal energy and low enough to guarantee a long live time of the ...

Minimal model for phase separation under slow cooling

J Vollmer, GK Auernhammer, D Vollmer - Physical Review Letters, 2007 - APS
Inducing phase separation by a sustained change of temperature often induces repeated 
waves of nucleation. As demonstrated in an accompanying movie, these oscillations can 
easily be demonstrated in the classroom by slowly cooling raw spirit (ie, ethanol) and ...

Oscillatory instabilities in phase separation of binary mixtures: Fixing the thermodynamic driving

GK Auernhammer, D Vollmer, J Vollmer - The Journal of chemical …, 2005 - link.aip.org
Binary liquid mixtures can show pronounced oscillations in the differential scanning 
calorimeter signal for the specific heat and in the turbidity when phase separation is induced 
by continuously ramping the temperature. For a fixed ramp rate, ie, a linear temporal drift ...
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