Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman

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Privat Dozent at the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Working areas:

  • Heat and mass transfer

  • Interfacial phenomena in liquids and solids

  • Phase change and heat/mass transfer in micro-devices

  • Microstructured and chemically modified surfaces

  • Fluid physics in microgravity

  • Hydrodynamic and thermal instabilities in thin liquid films

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Selected Publications

Conductive ceramic foams from preceramic polymers

P ColomboGambaryanRoisman… - Journal of the …, 2001 - Wiley Online Library
Ceramic foams in the system Si–O–C, possessing different bulk densities and morphologies, 
were obtained from preceramic polymers using two different direct foaming approaches. The 
electric properties of the foams were varied by adding suitable fillers to the precursor ...

Marangoni convection and heat transfer in thin liquid films on heated walls with topography: experiments and numerical study

A AlexeevGambaryan-Roisman, P Stephan - Physics of Fluids, 2005 - link.aip.org
Thermocapillary-induced motion in thin liquid films on a heated horizontal wall with parallel 
grooves on its upper surface is studied experimentally and numerically. The results of 
velocity and temperature measurements are reported. A numerical model for a liquid film ...

Marangoni-induced deformation and rupture of a liquid film on a heated microstructured wall

YO Kabova, A AlexeevGambaryan-Roisman… - Physics of fluids, 2006 - link.aip.org
Thermocapillary instability is one of the primary causes of a spontaneous rupture of thin films 
on heated walls. The film rupture may lead to an appearance of uncontrolled dry patches 
that significantly deteriorate the heat and mass transfer. In the present paper the ...

Static and dynamic contact angles of evaporating liquids on heated surfaces

VS AjaevGambaryan-Roisman, P Stephan - Journal of colloid and …, 2010 - Elsevier
We studied both static and dynamic values of the apparent contact angle for gravity-driven 
flow of a volatile liquid down a heated inclined plane. The apparent contact line is modeled 
as the transition region between the macroscopic film and ultra-thin adsorbed film ...

Drop impact, spreading, splashing, and penetration into electrospun nanofiber mats

…, HB Tan, IV Roisman, Gambaryan-Roisman… - Langmuir, 2010 - ACS Publications
Experiments were conducted to study peculiarities of drop impact onto electrospun polymer 
nanofiber mats. The nanofiber cross-sectional diameters were of the order of several 
hundred nanometers, the pore sizes in the mats of about several micrometers, and the mat ...

Analysis of falling film evaporation on grooved surfaces

Gambaryan-Roisman… - Journal of Enhanced Heat …, 2003 - dl.begellhouse.com
ABSTRACT An increase in the evaporation rate from falling liquid films on structured walls 
may be attributed to the evaporation intensification near the contact line (" micro region") and 
to the modified patterns of the wavy film motion. In the present work, a model for steady ...

Effect of longitudinal minigrooves on flow stability and wave characteristics of falling liquid films

K Helbig, R Nasarek, Gambaryan-Roisman… - Journal of heat …, 2009 - cat.inist.fr
Résumé/Abstract Falling liquid films are used in many industrial apparatuses. In many cases 
the film flow along a wall with topography is considered advantageous for intensification of 
the heat and mass transport. One of the promising types of the wall topography for the ...

Breakup and atomization of a stretching crown

IV Roisman, Gambaryan-Roisman, O Kyriopoulos… - Physical Review E, 2007 - APS
This study is motivated by the problem of describing the hydrodynamics of spray impact onto 
a rigid wall. This phenomenon is an element of many industrial applications, such as spray 
painting, wetting, coating and encapsulation, spray forming, agriculture spray deposition, ...

Effect of grain thermal expansion mismatch on thermal conductivity of porous ceramics

E Litovsky, GambaryanRoisman… - Journal of the …, 1999 - Wiley Online Library
Many ceramics contain microcracks, which are often situated between sintered grains. 
These microcracks constitute thermal resistances, which may affect heat transfer through the 
material and its effective thermophysical properties. The thicknesses and the contact ...

Bubbles, drops, films: transferring heat in space

…, P Dimarco, Gambaryan-Roisman… - Europhysics …, 2008 - europhysicsnews.org
А Fig. 1: Convective patterns in an evaporating 5 mm layer of ethyl alcohol above which a 
flow of dry nitrogen gas is established from left to right at a rate of about 330 ml/min. the 
pressure is about 650 mbar. the snapshots show ripples moving at the interface either ...
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WP 1: Experimental investigation on dynamic wetting of soluble or deformable substrates, WP 14: Spreading of liquids and deposition of nanoparticles and surfactant assemblies on (nano)fibers, (nano)pores and substrate heterogeneities, Midterm Review Meeting, Madrid, 2-3 September 2015, CoWet kick-off meeting, 24 - 25 February, 2014, A Short Course on Industrial Wetting, 14-17 March 2017, Darmstadt, Girls Day, 23th April, Darmstadt, Research, Communication Tools, Discussion forum