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[BOOK] Dynamics of adsorption at liquid interfaces: theory, experiment, application

SS Dukhin, G Kretzschmar, R Miller - 1995 -
As the first of its kind, this book provides a valuable introduction for scientists and engineers 
interested in liquid/fluid interfaces and disperse systems to the rapidly developing area of 
adsorption dynamics. It is the first extensive review available on the subject of dynamics of ...

Dynamic surface and interfacial tensions of surfactant and polymer solutions

Miller, P Joos, VB Fainerman - Advances in colloid and interface science, 1994 - Elsevier
Abstract Dynamic surface and interfacial tensions are the most frequently measured non-
equilibrium properties of adsorption layers at liquid interfaces. The review presents the 
theoretical basis of adsorption kinetics, taking into consideration different adsorption ...

Lipases at interfaces: a review

…, K Holmberg, H Watzke, ME Leser, R Miller - Advances in colloid and …, 2009 - Elsevier
Lipases are acyl hydrolases that play a key role in fat digestion by cleaving long-chain 
triglycerides into polar lipids. Due to an opposite polarity between the enzyme (hydrophilic) 
and their substrates (lipophilic), lipase reaction occurs at the interface between the ...

Stability of foam films and surface rheology: an oscillating bubble study at low frequencies

C Stubenrauch, R Miller - The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2004 - ACS Publications
The dilational surface elasticity ε and the dilational surface viscosity η of the two nonionic 
surfactants n-dodecyl-β-d-maltoside (β-C12G2) and tetraethyleneglycol-monodecyl ether 
(C10E4) were studied using the oscillating drop method. The experiments were carried ...

[BOOK] Surfactants: chemistry, interfacial properties, applications

VB Fainerman, D Möbius, R Miller - 2001 -
The thermodynamics and dynamics of interfacial layers have gained large interest in 
interfacial research. An accurate description of the thermodynamics of adsorption layers at 
liquid interfaces is the vital prerequisite for a quantitative understandings of the ...

Measuring dynamic surface and interfacial tensions

Miller, A Hofmann, R Hartmann, A Halbig… - Advanced …, 1992 - Wiley Online Library
Surfactants, defined as substances which reduce the interfacial tension of liquid surfaces 
often drastically, are of steadily growing interest in many fields of (bio) chemical technology 
and engineering. A precondition for the application of surfactants in many processes is a ...

A criterion for judging the purity of adsorbed surfactant layers

K Lunkenheimer, R Miller - Journal of colloid and interface science, 1987 - Elsevier
Abstract A criterion for judging the quality of surfactant solutions with regard to surface-
chemical contaminations is suggested. This criterion is based on the determination of the 
surface tension (shift) of a surfactant solution dependent upon the relative content of ...

[BOOK] Proteins at liquid interfaces

D Möbius, R Miller - 1998 -
The interfacial behaviour of surfactants and proteins, and their mixtures, is of importance in a 
wide range of areas such as food technology, detergency, cosmetics, coating processes, 
biomedicine, pharmacy and biotechnology. Methods such as surface and interfacial ...

[BOOK] Drops and bubbles in interfacial research

D Mobius, R Miller - 1997 -
The shape of drops and bubbles is the centre of interest for many interfacial scientists. This 
book describes the most recent accomplishments to make use of drops and bubbles in 
fundamental research and application.< br>< p> After a general introduction into the ...

Dilatational rheology of β-casein adsorbed layers at liquid-fluid interfaces

…, MA Cabrerizo-Vílchez, R Miller - The Journal of …, 2005 - ACS Publications
The rheological behavior of β-casein adsorption layers formed at the air-water and 
tetradecane-water interfaces is studied in detail by means of pendant drop tensiometry. First, 
its adsorption behavior is briefly summarized at both interfaces, experimentally and also ...
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