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Force measurements with the atomic force microscope: Technique, interpretation and applications

HJ Butt, B Cappella, M Kappl - Surface science reports, 2005 - Elsevier
The atomic force microscope (AFM) is not only a tool to image the topography of solid 
surfaces at high resolution. It can also be used to measure force-versus-distance curves. 
Such curves, briefly called force curves, provide valuable information on local material ...

[HTML] Measuring electrostatic, van der Waals, and hydration forces in electrolyte solutions with an atomic force microscope

HJ Butt - Biophysical Journal, 1991 - Elsevier
In atomic force microscopy, the tip experiences electrostatic, van der Waals, and hydration 
forces when imaging in electrolyte solution above a charged surface. To study the 
electrostatic interaction force vs distance, curves were recorded at different salt ...

Micromechanical cantilever-based biosensors

R Raiteri, M Grattarola, HJ Butt, P Skládal - Sensors and Actuators B: …, 2001 - Elsevier
The merging of silicon microfabrication techniques with surface functionalization 
biochemistry offers new exciting opportunities in developing microscopic biomedical 
analysis devices with unique characteristics. Micro-mechanical transducers for chemical ...

Boundary slip in Newtonian liquids: a review of experimental studies

…, DR EvansE Bonaccurso, HJ Butt… - Reports on Progress …, 2005 - iopscience.iop.org
Abstract For several centuries fluid dynamics studies have relied upon the assumption that 
when a liquid flows over a solid surface, the liquid molecules adjacent to the solid are 
stationary relative to the solid. This no-slip boundary condition (BC) has been applied ...

Measuring surface forces in aqueous electrolyte solution with the atomic force microscope

HJ Butt, M Jaschke, W Ducker - Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, 1995 - Elsevier
Surface forces determine the behaviour and properties of colloids, including biological 
molecules, micelles and membranes. Recently it has been realized that the atomic force 
microscope, which is normally used to image the topography of surfaces with high ...

Adhesion and friction forces between spherical micrometer-sized particles

LO Heim, J Blum, M Preuss, HJ Butt - Physical Review Letters, 1999 - APS
An experimental setup, based on the principles of atomic force microscopy (AFM), was used 
to measure directly the adhesion and rolling-friction forces between individual silica 
microspheres of radii between 0.5 and 2.5 mm. It showed that the linear dependence of ...

A sensitive method to measure changes in the surface stress of solids

HJ Butt - Journal of colloid and interface science, 1996 - Elsevier
A technique for determining surface stress changes at solid–gas and solid–liquid interfaces 
with an atomic force microscope is presented. Therefore, the bending of a microfabricated 
cantilever, prepared with different opposite faces, is measured. This bending is directly ...

A technique for measuring the force between a colloidal particle in water and a bubble

HJ Butt - Journal of colloid and interface science, 1994 - Elsevier
Abstract With atomic force microscopes the force between individual colloidal particles and 
surfaces can be measured. Often, however, the measurement of attractive forces is 
hampered by the fact that the particle mounted on a force sensor" snaps" or" jumps" onto ...

[PDF] Surface roughness and hydrodynamic boundary slip of a Newtonian fluid in a completely wetting system

E Bonaccurso, HJ Butt, VSJ Craig - Physical review letters, 2003 - researchgate.net
The influence of surface roughness on the boundary condition for the flow of a Newtonian 
fluid near a hard wall has been investigated by measurement of the hydrodynamic drainage 
force. The degree of slip is found to increase with surface roughness. This leads to the ...

Hydrodynamic force measurements: boundary slip of water on hydrophilic surfaces and electrokinetic effects

E Bonaccurso, M Kappl, HJ Butt - Physical review letters, 2002 - APS
The hydrodynamic drainage force of aqueous medium between smooth hydrophilic surfaces 
was measured with the colloidal probe technique up to shear rates of typically 104 s21. 
Measured force curves were compared to simulations. To reach agreement between ...
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